Thursday, 21 September 2017

Week Ending Sunday 24 September 2017 Marsh St Car Park & grass cutting as usual

Today Wednesday 20 September in the morning with the weather fine but forecast on Thursday for rain I went down to Margaret's garden and cut the grass next to Blackburn Hall.
Then I went across to Margaret's garden and cut the grass there too.
Then I took a photograph of both cut lawns with two white plastic bags containing grass cuttings near the hall.
Today, Thursday 21 September we all met at Marsh Street Car Park and commenced work on Jo's bed as we name it.
Then we went to the library & had our coffee break where we discussed the Petal Planters at Royds Court Gardens again deciding to plant up the Petal Planters for a final time as we have the plants on order due to delivery in October. We also decided to ask the Parks Department if they could quote us for some improvements to the Royds Circular Bed.
After coffee everyone went to the library garden and worked on the small garden bed which we used to call the Alpine garden.
Next week we are back in Marsh Street Car Park clearing up the bed at the top of the steps garden.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Consideration about our plans to replace the Petal Planters at Royds Court plus working at Church Street.

We have two Petal Planters as they are known at Royds Court at the front of the building looking onto Marsh Street. They were bought from the Amberol Company some time ago and we plant them with flowers for both Spring & Summer bedding.

Each petal requires watering-we used to use a hosepipe that was fitted inside the building but since it was removed we have had to resort to watering the plants ourselves which takes a huge amount of effort. In fact this year we asked the Park department to help us which they have done but we still have to pay for this service. So earlier in the year we have considered replacing them. Last week we decided on a plan to do this-Mary has asked a gardening company that tidied up our trees at the conifer garden and Back Gillett Lane to meet us at Royds Court on Monday 18th to consider some ideas. On Thursday we are meeting the housing department officer for Royds Court to seek permission to replace the planters as it is on their property. Some of us have thought about half-moon shaped planters, raised but of course these will require watering. Park Department in Spring-head Park recently build a circular garden bed with rocks & grasses & shrubs.

These wouldn't need watering and not a great deal of maintenance either, but they would mean that people working on them would need to bend over to do so. Other considerations might be just take out the planters and cover the area with grass. We worked at Church Street and tidied up the gardens there and swept up all the litter and leaves.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Week ending Sunday 10 September 2017 Tidying Royds Court Circular bed, cutting the grass & planting bulbs

This morning on Thursday 7 September we met at Royds Court Circular bed and started to tidy that garden which is a circular flower bed-it was in the need of some hard work.

The planter near the flower bed is looking good at present.
Having tidied the flower bed it looks in a much better condition
By the time we had finished we had a load of litter bags full of garden weds left near a litter bin ready for collection.
Whilst most of our group worked on Royds Court Circular bed I took the chance to cut the lawns outside Blackburn Hall & Margaret's Garden. I had to cut the lawns today as rain is in the forecast for the next 5 days.
Mary Fleet had been working at this garden as well replacing the prickly plant Gary & I removed last week with some more plants & shrubs.

We all then met at Margaret's garden for our coffee break

We sat around on the seats at the garden chatting about future projects
The flowers in the circular bed look good
We chatted about replacing the petal planters at Royds Court with 2 flower beds, which we prefer to be raised making it easier to work on, someone suggested we do 2 half-moon shaped beds making it easier to work on from all sides.
These are the Petal Planters

Then after coffee some of us went to the gardens which we call Back Gillett Lane, where a few months ago we dumped the soil from the broken planter at the Traffic Lights. So now we added some bulbs, which we hope will flower in next spring. You cant see the bulbs but these are the sites we planted up.

Here is that site from further away
Then we moved to a site near a wall and on next to a pathway that leads to the rear of Blackburn Hall.

We also discussed what we are going to do with the Amberol Planters we have attached to Reeds Rains & the Youth Club which have been suggested we offer to Parks Department. So lots to do and next Thursday we are meeting at Church Street Car Park.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Week ending Sunday 3 September 2017, Back to Margaret's Garden & removal of prickly plant

On Thursday morning 31 August we gathered again at Margaret's Garden-Gary & I set to work to remove the prickly plant using two cutting instruments & wearing thick gloves and thick clothes for protection from the thorns.

Meanwhile other members tackled the flower beds,

 with Peter Jones working again on the grass verge.

 Frances was working on the flower bed next to Back Gillett Lane.
The prickly plant took a lot of hacking down with the branches placed in the wheel barrow & taken to the park where there are some skips.

Eventually after a long hard struggle, using pick axe & spade to break the roots, the whole plant was removed & placed in the wheelbarrow.

Then I set to work to mow both of the lawns with our motor mower.

By the time we had finished the morning the grass edge looked good, the borders tidied & loads of bags filled ready for collection. Megabytes kindly supplied us with a hot drink.

In the afternoon I removed the Amberol planters from the Cottage Garden on Marsh Street.
Next Thursday we are meeting at Royds Court Circular Bed on Marsh Street.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Week Ending Sunday 27 August 2017 Margaret's Garden tidy up & grass cutting

On Thursday morning at 0940 I was at Margaret's Garden with our group with the motor mower cutting the grass before it rains in the afternoon. We had such heavy rain on the Wednesday morning, almost half a month's supply in a couple of hours. The first job was to cut the grass next to Blackburn Hall. It was a nice surprise to see that surrounding the sloping stairway for the disabled entrance was a new wall,  whereas for many years the wooden slope has been open at the base allowing litter to collect and blow around the gardens. You can see the breeze blocks in the distance in the below photograph, but here it is a lot closer.

Then I changed gardens and went to Margaret's Garden and cut that lawn too. You can see our members working on the large perennial garden.

Peter Jones was using his cutting tools to trim the edge of the lawn
Soon it was time for a coffee break
After that  break, Gary started to use my pick-axe to remove a heavy plant from the flower bed.

Next week we are back here again removing more of the shrubs and generally tidying up the flower bed. One of the jobs will be to remove a pyrocantha shrub seen in the bottom of this photograph.